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DRAW to GROW - Art Studio for Kids

Класове по изобразително изкуство за деца на възраст 5-15 години.

Присъединете се към нашето прекрасно, цветно приключение в света на изкуството.

Посетете Фейсбук страничката ни за повече информация www.facebook.com/DrawToGrow или се свържете с преподавателя Елена Белин на тел. 781 266 8378, contact@drawtogrow.com


DRAW to GROW Art Studio for Kids 
offers Fine Art classes for children 5-15 years

We believe every child is born with the power to create, and that power should be released early and developed wisely. Yes, we teach drawing lessons! 

Registration is now open for Fall 2017 semester. Starting September 11th. 

New for this year: "Drawing from direct observation" - for students age 15 and up, Mondays - 3:30 to 5pm
Tuesdays - 3:30-4:30pm; Art adventure especially for the youngest artists, age 5-7 years (new class)
Tuesdays - 5-6:30pm; Advanced class for kids age 11 to 14 years.
Thursdays 4:30-6pm; Art fundamentals for kids age 7 to 11 years.
Saturdays - 10-11:30am; Art fundamentals for kids age 7-11 years.
Saturdays - 12 - 1pm; Art adventure for kids age 5-7 years. Spaces are limited. Register today! Send me message here, e-mail or call to reserve your spot.

Our classes are geared towards teaching creativity for life. We seek to develop and strengthen creative skills, to nurture a sense of self-esteem and confidence as well as awareness of aesthetics and beauty. We actively encourage expression and creative thinking while stimulating children's imagination.
We introduce students to the fundamentals of art: figurative drawing, painting, composition, proportions, the color theory, perspective. We also teach about famous artists, paintings and art movements.

The teacher and founder of Draw to Grow - Elena Belin, holds a Master's Degree in Fine Arts and Art Education from Sofia University. She started the Art Studio in order to share her practical professional skills and love of art. Elena Belin believes that if children look at artworks and think of artists as real people, if they are given the opportunity to explore new ideas, travel through art history, try different materials and techniques, then the exciting world of art will be open to them for the rest of their lives.
Join us for a wonderful, colorful adventure into the world of art!

Contact us today! 
Phone: 781 266 8378 :: E-mail: contact@drawtogrow.com

Address: 14 Maud Graham Cir, Burlington MA, 01803
Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrawToGrow

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