BAC Madara Gallery brings you the best of contemporary Bulgarian artists, living in the Boston area. It aims to promote talent and craftsmanship at all levels by introducing young, as well as accomplished painters and sculptors, who have shown their work across the world. BAC Madara Gallery organizes quarterly exhibits at Springstep Cultural Center and convenes artist and art lovers in celebration of genuine creativity and inspiration.

About Springstep. With over 20,000 annual visitors, Springstep is rapidly emerging as the region’s leading destination for global dance and music . Connecting arts, culture and community through performances, exhibitions, classes, workshops and social dances, Springstep spotlights cultural rooted artists locally and from around the globe! www.Springstep.org

BAC Madara Art Gallery in collaboration with Springstep was pleased to present it's first project - Georgi Petrov’s exhibition "Password Love” (July 9 - August 30, 2010). Through the universal language of painting, Georgi Petrov succeeds in depicting love and bringing the contemporary vision of his home in Bulgaria to the United States.